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Dining Tables in Gonzales, LA

Custom Dining Tables in Gonzales, LA

Explore the world of custom made, time tested durable tables at Tablas. Our tables are designed and handbuilt with utmost precision and care. The main table design, a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, is our classic offering. However, we offer you the opportunity to customize this design to perfectly suit your style and needs. Our craftsmen take pride in their work, producing tables that are not only functional, but also pieces of art that enhance the aesthetics of your home in or near Gonzales, LA

Choose from our range of design options. For legs, we offer both tapered and square styles, each adding a unique touch to the table. Our stain colors include a wide spectrum, from dark to light shades. Select warmer tones for a cozy, inviting look, or opt for lighter shades to create an airy, spacious feel. Regardless of your choice, our finished product will effortlessly complement your space, providing functionality without compromising on style. We also offer delivery services straight to your door, available to Gonzales, LA. Experience the ease and joy of owning a Tablas table today.


Starting at $999

Wood Finish
  • Contact for Stain
  • Finish Consultation
Table Shape
  • Rectangular
Seating Capacity
  • Standard Size: 4-6 seats
    (36" Wide x 72" Long x 30" High)
  • Contact for customization
Leg Style
  • Tapered Wood Legs
  • Squared wood legs
Wood types
  • Pine
  • oak
  • Maple
  • Contact for Special Orders
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Elevate Your Dining Experience!

Craft a dining space that reflects your style. Choose from our range of dining tables – a fusion of materials, shapes, and finishes. Start designing today, and let your dining area tell a story of sophistication.